Frozen joins the craft market

Frozen joins the craft market

Following the unprecedented success of Disney blockbuster film Frozen, Asobi has unveiled five craft kits inspired by the must see epic.

Designed by multi award-winning Canadian based craft brand, The Orb Factory, the Frozen sets are available in the best-selling Sticky Mosaics range. With the popularity of the chartbusting film showing no signs of slowing down and the craft trend still on the rise, these kits are sure to be a hit and Asobi is thrilled to announce that they will be officially available to retailers at the end of June.

Sticky Mosaic kits have remained a best-seller for the brand due to the high quality of materials used and the sense of achievement children feel on accomplishing a kit. With an age recommendation of 4+, the Frozen Sticky Mosaic sets are easy to use, mess-free, and give amazing results every time. These five sets will allow children to peel and stick foam and jewel tiles to create mosaic masterpieces of their favourite Frozen characters that are ready for display.

Thierry Bourret, Founder and Managing Director at Asobi, comments: “We're all very excited to unveil The Orb Factory's Frozen Sticky Mosaics. The film has captured the attention of children across the world and merchandise is still having huge success. The introduction of these Frozen craft kits will give a different play dimension for children that enjoy the film. Not only will they have the pleasure of creating their images, they can then display their Frozen masterpiece on the wall. The Orb Factory always have their finger on the pulse when it comes knowing what children will enjoy and their latest addition certainly doesn't disappoint!”

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Posted: 22 March 2019

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