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New products for annual Star Wars Day

In celebration of Star Wars Day, the annual fan holiday that takes place on May 4 each year, Royal Selangor will be launching new additions to its extensive Star Wars themed collection, featuring dioramas and figurines. Limited Edition Speeder Bike Chase Diorama On Endor, Rebels pursue Galactic Empire Scout Troopers in a speeder bike chase to destroy the Death Star. Weaving through the forest at breakneck speed, Luke Skywalker leans hard into each bank with every swerve, as he pursues a scout trooper on a full-throttle speeder bike chase, barely missing the composite resin replicas of Endor's trees.

Posted: 3 November 2023

Fanattik celebrates the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park

Fanattik, the award-winning UK based pop culture company, celebrates the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park with several new collectible releases including jewellery and in-world replica's. Anthony Marks, M.D Fanattik, says: "I remember working on 25th anniversary product for this iconic brand, our first item which had a retail of £35 sold out quickly and within a week they were selling for unbelievable money on eBay, up to $1,000 each. We knew at that point that this franchise when put together with the quirkiness of Fanattik was a winning combination for our retail partners."

Posted: 17 July 2023