Sheaffer celebrates 100 years at London Stationery Show

Sheaffer celebrates 100 years at London Stationery Show

The Sheaffer team was proud to be celebrating 100 years of business at last week's London Stationery Show. The luxury writing instrument manufacturer was a partner for the National Stationery Week, helping to promote the art of handwriting.

Tim Williams, General Manager of Sheaffer Pen, said: "When we heard about National Stationery Week's Let's Get Britiain Writing theme, we knew we wanted to support this important campaign.

"While we know that a pen will never go out of fashion, it's still vitally important to underline the role that stationery brands have in stimulating people of all ages to keep on writing as a past-time as well as a necessity.”

Sheaffer has a great selection of pens, ideal for Father's Day, and believes it has a range of pens for every personality, with sporty, fun loving and business minded fathers all accounted for.

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Posted: 22 March 2019

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