Marshall Amps launches Rock Science board game

Marshall Amps launches Rock Science board game

Marshall Amplification has joined up with the makers of Rock Science, the rock game of the century, to produce the ultimate board game for rock fans.

From early rock and heavy metal to contemporary artists, the Rock Science Marshall Game is a tribute to the immense contribution that Marshall Amplification has made to music history.

The game is for 2-6 players, and the goal is to be the first player to finish one lap around the board through their use of rock knowledge, clever betting and the ability to hum the riffs of well-known rock anthems.

The Rock Science Marshall Game contains 1,600 trivia questions, celebrating five decades of loud rock 'n' roll and the iconic artists who play it, as well as music myths, anecdotes, rockers, albums, instruments, songs and sex. Each question has a different level of difficulty: Poser, Fan and Scientist.

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Posted: 22 March 2019

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