Your Office in China

Your Office in China

A new service is being launched to help companies source and import products from China more efficiently.

The British Jewellery & Giftware International (BJGI) is introducing Your Office in China to help UK companies from BJGF Federation industry sectors to source from China, saving time, money and frustration.

BJGF is joining forces with an experienced partner organisation with offices in both the UK and China, which employs both British and Chinese staff.

BJGI manager Mike Josypenko explains:"Dealing directly with Chinese suppliers from the UK can be time-consuming and frustrating. Simple problems are sometimes magnified by distance and time differences, while language and cultural issue can make it difficult to obtain accurate information and resolve obstacles.

"Your Office in China intends to provide UK companies with eyes and ears on the ground, from initial supplier visits and assessment, product specification and negotiations, supply agreements, inspections, order processing and monitoring, through to shipping. The package of services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual clients. Experience UK and local staff and the use of effective supply agreements, can identify and avoid issues in advance to save time and money."

BJGI is a division of the British Jewellery Giftware & Finishing Federation and offers a range of services and benefits to members and others to help them export or import goods.

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Posted: 22 March 2019

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