Creation Express launches personalised cards

Creation Express launches personalised cards

With personalised cards available at £2.99 RRP, a retailer will enjoy some tremendous benefits. Kurt Abbott, director, explains, "They will:
*Never miss a sale with all names, ages, titles and occasions available
*Seasonal is covered, no matter how minor
*Find great help with stock management (best sellers are always in stock and nothing left after a season)
*All special relatives, ages and special occasions are covered – think your uncle's 40th birthday who likes motorbikes - covered!"

Banners too, retailing at just £5.99 make a great addition to a card and gift shop, fully personalised with names, photos and ages, they're an extremely popular choice for on a door or in a party room.

Kurt continues, “Both Katie and I come from a Greetings Card background so we knew the importance of quality. The printed cards and banners have been a long time coming but we have sourced some incredible materials, with a 300 gram textured board quality to sit proudly with the publishing industry leaders. This addition demonstrates our commitment to innovation and, in an increasingly competitive high street environment, Creation Express offers a proven Unique Selling Point.”

For further information, please email: or call 0161 762 9309

Posted: 22 March 2019

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