Make your mark on the world!

Make your mark on the world!

This Stamp Map from Luckies is a great way to keep on track of your travels and helps you stay focused on your next adventure.  

The beautiful kraft and copper foil map comes with 2 brass stamps, plus a pair of ink pads; to mark an 'X' on where you want to visit next, and then stamp 'visited' upon your return.

A perfect gift for any travel-lover, or anyone in need of a remedy for the travel bug. Frame it for a focal point in your study, and hang it in your home to reminisce on all your adventures. The map comes packaged in a beautiful poster box with large metallic writing.

Not only does the stamp map create a visual diary of where you have travelled, but it even highlights some attractions you won't want to miss like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Eiffle Tower!

Go global and stamp your footprint around the world for just £19.95 at (consumer). Or trade can visit for further information

Posted: 22 March 2019

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