My Gifts Trade launch new products

My Gifts Trade launch new products

My Gifts Trade has introduced new gardening and stationery products to their award-winning Songbird Grey range. Created using a hand cut block print, Songbird is both elegant and sophisticated. The design captures beautifully the serenity of an English country garden and the many birds that feed there.

Other new ranges include the British-made Studioware signature collection. The hand-decorated stippled blue cobalt cups, saucers, jugs, bowls and platters are decorated using natural sponges that give a sometimes uneven but wonderfully pleasing quality to the surface decoration.

The Ken Eardley range is elegantly vibrant and striking - created using his trade-mark love of pattern and colour. The new collection reflects his key signature designs; the best-selling Ava Bird, New Flower, and Scallop patterns. Distinctive, graphic and effortlessly on-trend. All the pieces are hand-made glazed earthenware. Ken Eardley's textile background is visible in the graphic range of his designs, featuring birds, flowers and elegant patterns. For more information visit

Posted: 22 March 2019

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