Scottish Candlemaker secures first South Korean deal

Scottish Candlemaker secures first South Korean deal

A new export deal with a South Korean firm will see Scottish candles made by Shearer Candles on sale in the East Asian country for the first time. Shearer Candles, based in Govan, was founded in Glasgow in 1897.

Over the years it's transformed from a small company which produced church candles, to a business that makes millions of candles each year. Each of its two production lines at its factory has the capability to produce six tonnes of candles every 24 hours which are then shipped to major British supermarkets and department stores as well as to destinations across Europe, North America, Japan, China and New Zealand.

This new deal which is worth thousands of pounds, will result in Shearer candles being sold online and in various retailers across South Korea.

Representatives from La Floma first came across Shearer at the Ambiente exhibition in Frankfurt and loved the products so much they made arrangements to visit the factory in Govan where the deal was signed.

Jeremy Lane, Sales Director, Shearer Candles said, “Over the years we've secured various deals in different markets that have resulted in Shearer Candles becoming a global brand. We're already very popular in Japan and signed a deal with a Chinese distributor less than two years ago, so we're delighted to be working with a Seoul based company to increase our profile in East Asia.
“As well as the high quality which we always strive to achieve, we have recently invested in new packaging which was the first thing that caught La Floma's eye. They felt the packaging was exactly what South Koreans were looking for and when they smelled and saw our candles burning, they were sure that we were the right fit for them and South Korean shoppers.”

Derek McCamley, Shearer Candle's Account Manager at Scottish Enterprise, said, “Shearer Candles is a great example of a Scottish company with global ambitions. We've been working with the management team to help them identify new international markets to target for sales, which includes support to attend the trade event in Germany that led to this deal in South Korea. I'm looking forward to working with the team to help them achieve even more overseas success.” or visit its stores in Princes Square or The Candles Store, 23 Robert Street, Glasgow.

Posted: 22 March 2019

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