Festive fragrances from Potters Crouch Candles

Festive fragrances from Potters Crouch Candles

Made in the UK by artisan candle makers, Potters Crouch Candles highly scented candles are hand-mixed, hand-poured, hand-labelled and finished, using the finest quality natural ingredients and original perfumes created by an expert French perfumer exclusively for Potters Crouch candles.

With a secret blend of wax, all candles burn for about 50 hours. Each candle is encased in a beautifully decorated tin, which is cleverly designed so that when the candle is lit, the tin becomes warm, helping to throw and release the fragrance into the room.

Shelf appeal is immediately apparent with their hand-painted, colourful labels with eye-catching designs that capture the scent embodied by each candle. Retailing at £8.50 RRP each (or £35 for a set of five) and with an extended burn time of approximately 50 hours, Potters Crouch Candles not only make a thrifty purchase for a long lasting gift, but are also affordable for scented candle fans who repeat buy time and time again.

To find out more, visit www.potterscrouchcandles.co.uk

Posted: 22 March 2019

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