Finoak makes its Autumn Fair International debut

Finoak makes its Autumn Fair International debut

Eco-friendly, creative homeware specialist Finoak is excited to be making its debut at Autumn Fair International 2013.

The company will be showcasing four products ranges:

• Its biggest range is Woodquail, a selection of bamboo furniture and accessories. Bamboo is an ancient material with many modern qualities that make it ideally suited for home furnishings. The material is also environmentally friendly.

• Saffronstem is a range of artificial flowers and fruit. Artificial flowers provide lasting beauty in the home. Our flowers are from a modern latex material, which gives added vibrancy and durability.

• Quentons is a range of cooking knives designed to be sharper for longer. The knives are made out of Damascus steel and ceramic, both which have special properties that provide an inner core making sure the blades don't go blunt.

• DryBag Technology is Finoak's final range and is a selection of waterproof bags. They're made from a PVC material and a special welding technique ensures the bags are completely watertight. It makes the bags ideal for outdoor adventure.

The brand's eco-friendly credentials have not forced Finoak to compromise on style. All its products have a modern and contemporary feel.

Before and during the show, Finoak will be running a special 10 per cent discount off all products.

For more information contact Finoak Sales on T: +44 (0)1202 922 394 or E: You can visit, Facebook:, Twitter: @finoak and Pininterest:

Posted: 22 March 2019

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