Visit The Japanese Shop's new showroom in Harrogate during Home & Gift

Visit The Japanese Shop's new showroom in Harrogate during Home & Gift

The Japanese Shop welcomes you to its new showroom, which is just one mile from the centre of Harrogate. The company looks after wholesale customers across Europe, as well as the UK and recently welcomed customers from Spain who flew in especially.

Kokeshi Dolls
Japanese Kokeshi Dolls were originally crafted by farmers in northern Japan as toys for their children and grandchildren, but are now recognised as traditional Japanese folk art. The award-winning authentic Japanese Kokeshi Dolls from The Japanese Shop are still largely hand-made from cherry or mizuki trees using traditional methods, and usually feature girls' faces and gorgeous floral designs. Every doll is given its own name by the craftsman who lovingly created it, ensuring that every Kokeshi Doll radiates its own individual spirit. With approximately 100 different Kokeshi Dolls to choose from, The Japanese Shop has one of the best collections outside Japan.

The Japanese Shop offers a superb collection of authentic Japanese Kimonos in silk, cotton and polyester to relax in at home or on holiday. All Kimonos are hand-finished by specialist craftsmen, come in just three simple size options and are ideal gifts for men and women.

Lucky Cats
Japanese people love to have Lucky Cats (Maneki Neko) as mascots, to bring good fortune, invite happiness and bring prosperity to a business. In Japan they are placed at the entrance of houses and in store windows.
• The White Lucky Cat invites happiness.
• The Black Lucky Cat protects you from illness.
• The Gold Lucky Cat brings you riches.
• A Lucky Cat raising its left hand invites customers to a business.
• A Lucky Cat raising its right hand invites prosperity.

Japanese kitchen knives (brand new)
The Japanese Shop has just taken delivery of a brand new and exclusive collection of Japanese kitchen knives. The handles have been made from pakka wood and sandal wood, and the blades crafted from the highest quality Damascus steel where the steel has been folded many times, in the same style as the katana, the Japanese sword. The result is a range of knives that have tremendous balance as well as blades with incredible strength and sharpness.

Organic Japanese incense (brand new)
The new and exclusive collection of organic Japanese incense has been made with meticulously blended fragrances and traditional manufacturing methods. Japanese incense is reputed to be the finest in the world due to the lightness and delicacy of the scent.

Contact details:

The Japanese Shop
The Studio
Harrogate Business Centre Hookstone Avenue
T: +44 (0)1423 876 320

Posted: 22 March 2019

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