Safetray wins top UK award

Safetray wins top UK award

Inventor Alison Grieve has won a prestigious UK award for her practical Safetray.

Alison from Edinburgh, beat 88 other entrants from all over the country to scoop the prize from The Marketing Agencies Association (MAA) and Start Up Britain.

The competition offered new start-ups the opportunity to use the services of marketing experts free of charge for one year.

Alison said: "It's amazing to have access to the best marketing talent in the industry and it will truly help me with the global ambitions I have for Safetray Products."

The Safetray, which looks like a normal black drinks tray, uses a retractable hand clip on the underside, allowing the user to securely transport drinks without dropping them. Alison, a former waitress and event manager, came up with the idea after witnessing a tray full of champagne glasses smashing on to a table at an important function.

Ian Millner, chairman of the MAA and panel member, commented: "The calibre of pitches we saw was outstanding, with each business idea having great potential. However, we awarded free marketing services to Safetray as we saw Alison's idea as having huge potential to help the industry.
"She is a spirited young women whose drive and ambition has enabled her to get this far. With the help from professional marketers, I believe her business can go on to achieve great things, not just here in the UK, but across the globe."

The Government-backed Start Up Britain initiative encourages new and existing businesses to develop.

Posted: 15 March 2019

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