Name change and expansion for trades federation

Name change and expansion for trades federation

The board of the British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA) has voted unanimously to join the British Jewellery Giftware and Finishing Federation (BJGF).

The BJGF board has agreed to change the name of the federation subject to a special resolution which will be voted on by BJGF members at the Annual General Meeting on 23rd June 2011.

The enlarged federation will comprise BHETA, The Giftware Association, British Jewellers' Association, Surface Engineering Association, British Travelgoods and Accessories Association and the Jewellery Distributors Association. The intended new name of the Federation is the British Allied Trades Federation (Jewellery, Giftware, Home and Finishing) - BATF.

The news follows previous discussions within BHETA about forging closer links with other trade associations by means of a merger with BJGF. Since then, the new board of BHETA under the presidency of John Newcomb has taken a fresh look at the issue.

Under the restructured deal BHETA will remain as an autonomous trade association within BATF and will retain total control of its assets. Two directors of BHETA will join the board of BATF, one appointed automatically and one will be nominated for election.

Following the decision, John Newcomb said: "On behalf of all the members of the BHETA board, I am happy to say that this move is an excellent one for the British Home Enhancement Association and for its individual members. There will be a forum at the BHETA AGM on June 21st dedicated to discuss BATF and BHETA's role within it and I would like to encourage all members to attend."

David Metcalfe, president of the BJGF Federation commented: "I am of course delighted that our two great trade institutions are coming together to the advantage of members of each organisation. I look forward to working closely with our new colleagues at BHETA to develop enhanced benefits for members in the exciting time ahead."

The aim of the new federation is to widen benefits to members with:
* enhanced networking and cross-referral opportunities;
* significant lobbying power at European, national and regional level;
* access to a high quality customer relationship management service;
* international services for members;
* increased collective purchasing power; and
* an extended selection of member discounts and support packages.

BATF will be encouraging other trade associations to join, in a bid to achieve further advantages.

Posted: 22 March 2019

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