Helping hand

Helping hand

Businesses are being urged to check whether new changes to legislation are likely to affect them.

The Common Commencement Date for regulations is on 6th April 2011 and Business Link is encouraging businesses from every sector to check the Business Link website ( for any legislative changes that may concern them. 

To save businesses time and money, government departments issue changes to new and existing business legislation twice a year - on 6th April and 1st October - dates that are known as Common Commencement Dates. Business Link has created a summary of the changes that will come into force on 6th April to help businesses identify those that are relevant to them.

Businesses are encouraged to go online and check the summary to see whether the incoming regulations will affect their business in any way.

Some of the changes introduced are:
* A change in the main rate of corporation tax:This will fall from 28 to 27 per cent, and the Small Profits Rate from 21 to 20 per cent (effective 1st April).
* Additional paternity leave and pay: Eligible partners of those either due to give birth or adopt a child will gain the right to additional paternity leave and pay (effective 3rd April).
* Retirement: You will no longer be able to issue notifications of retirement using the statutory retirement procedure (effective 6th April).

Ray Lambe, programme director says: "The Common Commencement Date is an important date in the business calendar, and the Business Link website helps people from all business sectors understand how to comply with the changes. We recommend that people check the pages for clear guidance on the regulations which may affect them."

Posted: 22 March 2019

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