Sister candle brands

Sister candle brands

French candle making company Devineau has reinforced its position as a leader in decorative and scented candles with the buyout of the Point a la Ligne brand.

The family-run business also owns the design-led candle brand, Bougies la Francaise (BLF).

BLF makes scented candles under its own brand and under private label for luxury brands. With four in-house designers, the company offers handmade decorative and high-end scented candles and accessories.

Point a la Ligne is known for its large, eye-catching decorative candles and spectacular hand-painted pieces. The brand is famous for its solid colour dinner candles, fruit and veg range and giant rose candles.
"It is a really exciting project," says BLF retail manager Joelle Croc, "as Bougies la Francaise and Point a la Ligne will really complement each other."

Posted: 22 March 2019

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