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Insurance solutions from TH March: September 2014

September 2014: Gift Focus readers put their insurance queries, concerns and questions to leading brokers T.H. March

Ways to control your employers' liability costs
We're often asked for advice regarding Employers' Liability Insurance so here are a few tips that should help Gift Focus readers negotiate this often tricky subject.

Be aware that insurers will likely analyse your claims history when underwriting your Employers' Liability premium so it follows that if you can help to control your claims, you can potentially lower the price you have to pay.

Q: What should I do if/when an accident happens?
Investigate accidents immediately and thoroughly; take corrective action to eliminate hazards, and be aware of fraud.

Q: What should I do straight away?
Report all claims to your insurer immediately. Alert the insurer to any serious, potentially serious or suspect claims. Frequently monitor the status of the claim and communicate with the adjuster to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Q: On return to work, how do I deal with an injured employee?
Take an aggressive approach to providing light duty to all injured employees upon their release from treatment. Supervise light duty employees to ensure their conformance with restrictions.

Q: What about more serious cases?
In serious cases that involve lost time, communicate with the loss adjuster to demonstrate your interest in returning the injured employee back to gainful employment.

Q: Do I get colleagues involved?
Set safety performance goals for those with supervisory responsibility. Success in achieving safety goals should be used as one measure during performance appraisals.

Q: What procedures should I put in place?
Develop a written safety programme, and train employees in their responsibilities for safety. Incorporate a disciplinary policy into the programme that holds employees accountable for breaking rules or rewards them for correctly following safety procedures. Frequently communicate with employees, both formally and informally, regarding the importance of safety and make safety an absolute priority. Lead from the front! Senior management must be visible in the safety effort and must support improvement.

Q: What about keeping records?
Evaluate accident history and near misses at least monthly. Look for trends in experience, and take corrective action on the worst problems first. Talk to your insurance broker if you have any questions at all - they're there to help!

Further information:
T.H. March is a chartered firm of insurance brokers. Established in 1887, the company has offices in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Sevenoaks, as well as its National Administration Centre in Yelverton near Plymouth.

To find out more T: +44 (0)1822 855 555, E:, or visit the website

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