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woman's hand placing a book on a bookshelf Credit: Photo by Christin Hume on UnsplashThis issue Gift Focus showcases the latest releases in the literary world, from books for weaving enthusiasts to must-haves for children, Pride Power is a guide for young people aged 11+ to introduce them to the power of Pride and the LGBTQIA+ community - there really is something for everyone!

cream blue and gold booked of heavily patterned design

Author: Tharik Hussain
RRP: £7.99
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978 1 83799 134 1
Immerse yourself in this beautiful selection of powerful words to help you feel inspired and encouraged throughout the holy month of Ramadan – a time of hope and renewal.
Ramadan Mubarak is filled with insightful words and guidance from a wide range of Muslim figures, including female and lesser-known voices, like Turkish female mystic Hatice Cenan Hanim and the South Asian poet and mystic, Hasan Raja to help your spiritual growth and deepen the inner journey Muslims embark on during this most blessed of months.
The inspiring collection also contains well-known voices such as Malala Yousafzai and the scholarly mystic, Rumi to help deepen your connection to God, enhance your worship and devotion, and stay positive throughout this sacred time.
“The month of Ramadan reflects the true spirit of Islam; it is my favourite time of the year because of this, and it is this spirit I have tried to evoke through this book. The visibility of female voices in Muslim spaces is very important to me; this is why I have included the words of some of the most inspiring Muslim women from the past and present in the book,” says Tharik Hussain, author of Ramadan Mubarak.

green book cover with someone holding up an item they have weaved

Author: Phoebe Jones
RRP: £22
Format: Paperback
Phoebe Jones is on a mission to make weaving accessible to all. In her debut book Made Weave Love Phoebe shows you the joys of weaving and how this gentle and intuitive craft can spark creativity in your life. Covering the very basics from the essential tools and
how to build your own loom, to selecting the perfect yarn and finding colour and design inspiration, Phoebe carefully guides you through everything you need to get started.
Packed with beautiful photography and step-by-step tutorials throughout, this go-to guide - featuring projects for both beginners and advanced crafters alike - will give you the skills you need to confidently weave gorgeous masterpieces that spread style and colour throughout your home.
Phoebe Jones is a fibre artist, weaving expert and mother of two based in Dorset. She is founder of the online store, Made Weave Love, where she sells beautiful handwoven homewares, accessories and hand-spun yarn.
Phoebe has built an online community of over 1.7M followers across social media through sharing the crafting process of her wonderful creations.

white book cover with purple fig on the front with colourful stars

Author: Claire Smith
RRP: £6.99
Funny Fig is the debut book from The A to Z Patch, a new children's book series which features fruit and vegetable friends from around the world who connect with the reader by exploring feelings through fun actions.
Funny Fig shakes their bottom, blows loud raspberries, counts to ten in a silly voice all in an attempt to cheer up their grumpy little sister! It is an interactive series written to be read aloud by parents and caregivers to engage and entertain preschoolers. There are twenty-six books in total featuring each letter from the alphabet. Each letter is a fruit or vegetable character linked to a feeling or action, e.g. Funny Fig, Loving Lemon, Jumping Jackfruit, Nervous Nectarine.
The stories include fun actions to help engage both reader and child and prompts are used to help encourage children to do the actions. Repetition is used throughout and there is early introduction to alliteration. Main characters are gender neutral, allowing every child to associate only with the feeling of the character. Funny Fig deals with the emotions of being grumpy and also how making others laugh feels good.
Each story ends with a question to create a space for conversation and interaction between the reader and the child. The author, Claire Smith, is currently on a tour of nurseries and preschools in her home county of Buckinghamshire.

black and white cover with three people on it

Author: Robin Hawdon
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-7384231-2-5
This year marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sir Winston Churchill, with a year-long national campaign planned across the UK. Coinciding with this is the recently published Dinner with Churchill by Robin Hawdon.
The novel shines a spotlight on an extraordinary event at the beginning of World War II - a little-known meeting between Winston Churchill and Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, which may have changed the course of British politics.
On October 13th 1939, it appears that Churchill and his wife Clementine entertained Chamberlain and his wife Anne with a private dinner at Admiralty House. It was an event which caused great speculation around the corridors of Whitehall and Westminster, since it was well known that the two politicians had been arch political enemies for years over the appeasement issue.
The dinner party was the one and only time the four ill-matched people had met alone socially. Almost nothing is known about the event except for one laconic entry in Churchill's diary: "Had the Chamberlains to dinner. The evening went well."
Part historical drama, part spy story, part romance, Robin Hawdon's novel explores the possibilities of the occasion through a fictional account of the evening.

blue cover with a fluffy triangle monster on it

Author: Emily Snape
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1- 7384231-2-5
A beautifully illustrated, positive picture book exploring ADHD for kids aged 4+. Contains: crazy inventions, stinky socks, a colourful collection of monsters and some superslimy mud pie!
Pip is a confident little monster who has ADHD. In this book, they enthusiastically share what that means for them and how it has some really brilliant benefits.
Pip also discusses things they can find tricky, and how they are learning to control their impulses and be more mindful and organized so they can spend more time having lots of fun!
My Amazing ADHD Brain is packed with reassuring words, practical advice and skill-building activity ideas, and has a fun, relatable voice.

purple cover with rainbow flags on it

RRP: £10.99
ISBN: 9781837990115
This guide is for young people aged 11+ to introduce them to the power of Pride and the LGBTQIA+ community.
Pride has different meanings for different people. It can be about protesting for equal rights for everyone, a celebration of our differences and identities, and a way of finding your tribe and a supportive community that values you and accepts you wholeheartedly.
Pride Power is a celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community and will help you to navigate pronouns and key terms, learn about the fascinating history of Pride and modern queer culture, highlighting game-changers and unsung heroes alike, from Marsha P. Johnson to Nick and Charlie in Heartstopper.

black cover with ethereal purple design on it.

Author: Lydia Levine
RRP: £9.99
ISBN: 9781837991297
Step into the enchanting world of herbal recipes, remedies and rituals with this spellbinding guide to the magical power of plants. Including a variety of crafts, spells and rituals, this treasury of herb profiles is the perfect introduction to harnessing the infinite natural energies at your disposal.
Complete with spells for every day and occasion - from cleansing and healing to divination and prosperity - within these pages you will also discover:
· The ancient relationship between herbalism and witchcraft
· The benefits of inviting herbal magic into your life, including reflection, self-care and self-discovery
· How to incorporate herbs into your practice to enhance your spell experience
· How to forage or grow herbs like the apothecaries and herbalists of the past

yellow cover with red rose bush on it

Author: Dr Andrew Ormerod
RRP: £ 22.00
Format: Hardback
Have you ever wondered why the rose has thorns and other flowers don't; why the daffodil is the colour it is; or why some plants have shiny leaves and others matt?
How The Rose Got its Thorns reveals the inner workings of our favourite flowers and trees. Designed to help gardeners, both novice and experienced, better understand how plants grow, the book is easy to navigate - it is divided into 50 chapters, each one a story.
Accompanied by specially commissioned colour illustrations, each chapter explains the science behind how plants work and the extraordinary processes they have evolved: such as protecting themselves from predators using chemicals; attracting pollinators using scent, shape and colour; growing in low or high temperatures; their relationship with the wind; the size and pattern of their leaves; the distribution of their seeds and survival strategies; their relationship with insects; how they allocate their resources; and how they retain water efficiently.
This delightful and intriguing book offers readers an accessible way to better understand how our plants evolved into the species of today.
Dr Andrew Ormerod is a botanist who holds an honours degree in Agricultural Botany and a doctorate in Plant Breeding. He has held positions at Reading University and Unilever Research and is Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Kent. He worked at the Eden Project for 15 years, from when it first opened in 1998, and where he was involved in plant procurement for the exhibits. He regularly lectures, gives tours and is the author of the successful plant blog, Cornucopiaalchemy.

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