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The team spirit behind Gift Focus

While at home due to lockdown, people will be online more than ever, however, we will all start missing that 'human aspect' so here at KD Media Publishing & Events we wanted you to meet and get to know the team behind our stand-out trade publication Gift Focus...

The team spirit behind Gift Focus: Image 1 Danielle Harvey, managing editor, says, "During these unusual times where we find ourselves working from home, surrounded by our children, partners and pets, we're all just trying to find a new normal. For business, it's a very uncertain time, but the gift industry in particular has the components to survive - even thrive! - during the current coronavirus lockdown and economy downturn.

"Gift-giving is something we want to do in a time of crisis when we can't physically be there for our loved ones; it's an industry that really is relatable to all. People find comfort in shopping for themselves and others, and in this time of possible anxiety, stress and worry it's going to be the industry all of us turn to.

"While at home, people will be online more than ever. However, we will all start missing that 'human aspect', so here at KD Media Events & Publishing we wanted you to meet, and get to know the team behind our stand-out trade publication Gift Focus now incorporating Attire Accessories!"

The team spirit behind Gift Focus: Image 2

Louise Prance
Editor behind Gift Focus now incorporating Attire Accessories

What I love about being a trade editor: As a champion of small and independent business, I thrive on learning about the market, discovering and showcasing all the wonderful talent in our industry, as well as throwing the spotlight on wonderful gift/fashion items that I know will bring joy to the recipient. I have a thirst for knowledge and love unpicking the intricacies and challenges involved for businesses and independent retailers wanting to bloom in this wonderful industry.

What I'm hating about lockdown: I don't hate it, but my sudden transition into my new temporary role as a primary school teacher is taxing! Never a profession I had any interest in, the sudden throwback to fractions, phonics and Biff and Ted is somewhat making my head explode! I also worry about the most vulnerable in these situations - those that don't have the luxury of self-isolation and are subject to poor living conditions, such as refugees in camps across the world. 

What positives I'll be taking from lockdown: HOUSEPARTY! Thankfully the recent reports of hacking turned out to be a scam, because Friday and Saturday night Houseparties with my family and friends are giving me something to look forward to. I am also loving the hilarious TikTok videos, as well as the many videos of communities singing and working out together from their balconies.
I also love seeing my children in a different light. While I wouldn't voluntarily school them, and I'm uttering 'Let me just check Google' far too often, it's fascinating to see their little brains develop and evolve as I teach (Google). 

As an environmentalist I'm also loving how the world has stilled. The planet is getting a much needed rest from pollution, travel and people. It will all certainly come back, and we will thrive. However, it's also nice knowing that the earth can breathe easier for a while. 

What are you looking forward to most about life returning to normal: Being in the physical presence of my family and friends, whom I'm extremely close to. The very thought of hugging them makes me ache for the outside world. However, I also feel that this difficult period will serve us positively in the long run - never again will I take for granted the joy of snuggling up with my sister, daughters and nephews and watching a film, going on long country walks arm in arm with my dad in the Scottish wilds, sharing a glass (bottle) of pink gin with my mum and laughing until we cry, and putting the world to rights over a delicious meal with my best friends (we call ourselves the Goobers!) I hope the appreciation of life, the outpouring of togetherness and kindness, and the current global feeling of connectivity lasts long past the first few months of quarantine release. 

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