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Gift Focus magazine - Issue 139 - September/October 2023

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In this issue:

Chestnuts on an open fire
Christmas is the financial backbone that often sees retailers through the slower parts of the year, and in the second part of our festive season round-up, we showcase some must-stock items

Game on
Cater to consumers young and old with this fabulous selection of toys and games

Message to sender
With the UK consumer being a fan of a celebration, there are greeting cards for every occasion. Take inspiration from these beautiful examples…

First-of-its-kind carbon efficiency estimator for furniture launches

A Carbon Efficiency Estimator which measures the total amount of carbon a...

ACID and SnapDragon Monitoring partner to safeguard design businesses

Anti Copying in Design (ACID), the UK's leading design and intellectual...

Two weeks to go to enter Gift of the Year!

This is it, the final two weeks of the largest competition in the gift and homeware world, Gift of the...

BHETA recruits Sally Gordon to its member services team

BHETA has appointed Sally Gordon to its member services team. Her role will be to focus on...

From the editor

Planning ahead

It always feel strange writing about Christmas as we put together this magazine just as summer is kicking off, but, as you know, July and August are prime purchasing months for the Golden Quarter. And, as you also know, getting your ordering right for the festive season is imperative to make the most of one of the most financially lucrative consumer purchasing events of the year. Planning ahead is key, as is analysing consumer trends, judging the mood of the nation, factoring in macroeconomic factors when it comes to tie price point of your store’s offering, and, should you have a webbased store, ensuring your delivery service is prepped and ready to cater for demand.

In order to get you on your way, we have the first of our two Christmas round-ups in this issue, checking out what the best brands have to offer for December’s buying bonanza. I also delve deeper into Christmas spend in this issue’s blog, which is located in the Attire Accessories section on page 36.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s also worth stocking for Halloween too. Year on year, the Halloween celebrations get bigger and better, with the UK slowly but surely taking on the extravagance of the U.S. From party decorations to gifts, it’s continuing to become a prime opportunity to capitalise on consumer spend.

Don’t forget to get your fill of new products, industry  news and company profiles within these wonderful pages of all things gifts!

Louise Prance, Editor

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Loved by Gift Focus magazine

Louise Prance, Editor of Gift Focus magazine
Louise x

The gifting gurus behind In A Matchbox are set to re-release its most popular product and this one will be hotter than ever. 

Marvling Bros, founded by friends Hayley Madden and Emma Dobie, creates mini gifts that can fit inside a matchbox (and your letterbox) which range from mini marshmallow toasting kits and micropub seed kits to novelty stationery and their best-selling "Hot stuff" chilli in a matchbox gift. 

Now, to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the team are set to get those tastebuds tingling once again with a relaunch of Hot Stuff, and this time, it will be even hotter, as Emma explains. 

“We'd been so busy preparing for Father's Day we hadn't noticed we were coming up on our 10th anniversary but after testing the water with our customers, we knew we had to mark it and what better way than to bring back what is, on every level, our hottest ever product?” 

This limited-edition release of 500 is a knockout combination of the world's hottest chilli powders, each carefully curated and beautifully presented in a miniature glass bottle.  


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Merci Maman makes personalised jewellery

Merci Maman founder Beatrice de Montille shares how the company holds motherhood at the heart of everything it does, and how it grew from a work-from-home job to the successful jewellery business it is today. Beatrice de Montille started Merci Maman over 15 years ago. After the birth of her second child, her employer rejected her request for a part-time role and she couldn't get the work-life balance she needed, so she started her own activity, originally as a sole trader working from home.

However, she always had that entrepreneurial flare. She was hoping to create a few jobs but did not envisage that it would become so big.

The company has had over 60 employees spread between London, Paris and Belin at the peak last year!

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