Useful tips for upping your IG hashtag game

The perfect place to get attention for your brand is on Instagram, but getting it right isn't always easy. Things like hashtags can make a big difference to your Instagram engagement and reach performance, allowing you to connect with plenty of potential clients.

Useful tips for upping your IG hashtag game: Image 1 Following the success of his Amazon Best Seller "Instagram for Dentists", the CEO of the world's highest-rated dental digital marketing agency, Shaz Memon, is sharing 5 hashtag tips for upping your Instagram game:

1. Keep the caption clean – most people will place hashtags under the caption of their image, which often draws the eye away from the picture. One tip for creating a clean, uncluttered look is to place all the hashtags in the first comment below the picture. This is especially useful if you’re using a high number of hashtags in one caption. 
2. The more the merrier – while you might worry that lots of hashtags looks cluttered and more like spam than content, studies have shown that more hashtags equals more engagement. Don’t hold back and aim for at least 11 with a maximum of 30.

Useful tips for upping your IG hashtag game: Image 2 3. Use tools to help you find relevant hashtags – even when you're using plenty of hashtags, you still want to know that every single one is relevant to your brand. You can carry out the research yourself to see what your potential customers are following or use a tool such as Flick to do the job for you.
4. Create your own – if you are really looking to up your Insta game, think about creating your own hashtag. Make it something catchy and relevant to your brand. Remember, you can also use it on any printed material that you use.
5. File away – the last thing you want to do is spend your time pouring over previous posts to find out which hashtags you used, so think about how and where you're going to file them. A great tip is to divide them into categories that can be pulled out and placed on a post depending on whether it's a product promotion, team pic or aspirational marketing content. Have them where you can easily find them.

Shaz Memon is the CEO of bespoke digital marketing agency Digimax Dental.  His most recent book, Instagram for Business, continues that journey, tailored to a broader audience looking to maximise on their digital marketing presence. Visit

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