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D & J Glassware has announced the launch of its new brand: Waxham Candle Company.

Taking its name from a favourite place on the Norfolk coast, the brand's Soy Wax Candles and Melts are hand-poured in small batches in the heart of Norfolk.

There are 12 fragrances to choose from including Christmas designs - something for all tastes.

The recyclable tins are decorated with colourful designs, some inspired by D & J Glassware's fused glass animals. Bespoke labelling is possible for tailoring a range that is unique to the retailer or visitor attraction.

Contact David and Jocelyne for further details or visit the company's stands at Harrogate Christmas and Gift (Q40), Scotland's Trade Fair Spring (J20) and Spring Fair (Hall 4 B13). www.dandjglassware.co.uk

Loved by Gift Focus magazine

Hot off the press from the Eco-friendly Card Co is a brand-new collection of art cards from artist, Julia Crossland.

Inspired by the British coast and countryside, Julia creates illustrative mixed media paintings from her riverside studio in Yorkshire.

She enjoys going out with her sketchbook for walks, observing the birds and wildlife, the colours and textures of the landscape and the change of seasons. She uses all these influences to create collections of work that convey a sense of story that is reflected in this new card collection.

Cards are printed on a 100 percent recycled textured FSC certified board, carbon-balanced with The World Land Trust. 153mm square, the cards are supplied either with a compostable bag or 'naked' with a card clasp label and white textured 100 percent recycled envelopes. RRP £2.25-£2.35.


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Discover the beauty of robin jewellery with the pretty Equilibrium Robin's Appear Collection from Joe Davies.

Each piece is plated with real silver and gold and coated with an anti-tarnish protection to keep it looking clean and polished. We all have a soft spot for this sparky little bird which is regularly voted Britain's favourite and this collection is proven to be a firm favourite amongst Equilibrium customers.

Spring Fair will see the launch of many new robin pieces, including a bookmark, key-rings, brooches, necklaces and bracelets all carrying the message: “When robins appear, Angels are near” either on the actual piece or on the packaging – a spiritual reminder of a lost loved one watching over us.


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PMC is excited to announce that it is working with Hotchpotch® to create a beautiful range of personalised gifts.

The first range to be released is this wonderful floral range, which includes candles, cushions, ornaments and more, which make the perfect gift for any occasion including Mother's Day. Keep an eye on the website to see the full range of products that are due to be released soon!

With a wide range of styles to choose from – all available to be effortlessly personalised, PMC supply gifts for all occasions, all year round.

Fast turnaround, dropship services and a diverse range of products make them the front runner in personalised gifts – whatever the occasion.


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Every house needs a pack of playing cards or two.

For those relaxing rainy evenings inside with the parents, or playing in the back of a car on long journeys. Puckator is bringing out a whole bunch of brand new playing cards this winter.

Coming in a range of different designs from the gothic Skulls and Roses, to the jungle themed Animal Kingdom; you're guaranteed to find your perfect style. But these cards aren't just pretty; they're tough cookies too! Built to last, they're perfect for all kinds of games and flashy card tricks.

Think of it as an upgrade for your game nights. Whether you're a pro or just love cool stuff, these cards are made to be your new favourites.

Check out the full range at www.puckator.co.uk

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snoozies! the cosy little foot coverings have been one of Joe Davies' best selling ranges for more than ten years with in excess of two million pairs sold. The rise in travel and tourism in recent times has led to an increase in demand in the travel slipper market and this is where snoozies! travel skinnies win every time. These pretty skinnies fold up neatly making them ideal to pack when you're on the move. They are available in six fabulous designs including animal prints, colourful florals and cute kitty faces and are just perfect to carry with you. These cosy little foot coverings really are hot to trot wherever you go in the world.

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If there's one thing the UK consumer needs, is it a doormat. With wet weather a staple part of our climate, getting rid of excess mud and dirt is an unfortunate part of life! We love these stylish yet functional new offerings by Primeur, being showcased at Spring Fair this February. www.primeur.co.uk

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Looking for some jewellery offerings to make a statement in store? Caliz London offers just the thing, and are sure to be a big hit for consumers looking for a stylish purchase. www.calizexportation.com

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The Candle Brand is one of the UK's fastest growing family run home fragrance company, established before the pandemic in 2017. Multi award winner of three categories in Gift of the Year 2021 and shortlisted with highly commended in 2022. Each of its products are uniquely hand made by the Brand family in Norfolk, using traditional manufacturing methods. We love that the company concentrates its efforts in leading the market with creative, unique and innovative designs. www.thecandlebrand.co.uk

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The gifting gurus behind In A Matchbox are set to re-release its most popular product and this one will be hotter than ever. 

Marvling Bros, founded by friends Hayley Madden and Emma Dobie, creates mini gifts that can fit inside a matchbox (and your letterbox) which range from mini marshmallow toasting kits and micropub seed kits to novelty stationery and their best-selling "Hot stuff" chilli in a matchbox gift. 

Now, to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the team are set to get those tastebuds tingling once again with a relaunch of Hot Stuff, and this time, it will be even hotter, as Emma explains. 

“We'd been so busy preparing for Father's Day we hadn't noticed we were coming up on our 10th anniversary but after testing the water with our customers, we knew we had to mark it and what better way than to bring back what is, on every level, our hottest ever product?” 

This limited-edition release of 500 is a knockout combination of the world's hottest chilli powders, each carefully curated and beautifully presented in a miniature glass bottle.