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Ancient Wisdom is Europe's largest online wholesaler.

Our Mission is to provide the independent gift trader with an ever expanding range of wholesale giftware, bathroom products, incense, aromatherapy and wholesale packaging. Currently we have over 12,000 spread over almost 1,000 web pages all available to order on-line for next day delivery in the UK (well we do our best).


Categories: Body Accessories, China/glass/ceramics, Furniture/lighting, Garden products, Hair Goods, Handmade Accessories, Holiday Accessories, Homeware, Jewellery, Toiletries/aromatherapy


Body Accessories

Egyptian Luxury Loofah

Loofahs, once fully matured become reasonably tough making them perfect for exfoliating, cleaning hard surfaces and even painting! Their subtle but firm consistancy makes them a wonderful addition to soap making. Adding a Egyptian loofah to your soap, gives it extra character and introduces more properties to your creations. Perfect for use in the shower and bath due to its unique fibres, a loofah is great for scrubbing your body and leaves your skin beautifully smooth. Your customers can cut it into small pieces according to their needs.



Wholesale Glass Infuser Teapot

Your customers can treat themselves to a favourite brew at any time of day with Ancient Wisdom Glass Infuser Teapot. The ultra clear glass teapot, also includes a micro mesh stainless steel filter for loose leaf teas or blooming teas.

These glass teapots make a lovely addition to the breakfast table or afternoon tea service. As herbal tea and all things related are seriously on-trend, this range of sets of teapots is easy to display in your shop and a perfect gift, packed in a beautiful presentation box, it’s the perfect gift for tea aficionados.



Recycled Wooden Furniture from Bali

This range of furniture has been hand-made in Bali using mostly upcycled teak wood from retired fishing boats. The seasoned wood retains some of the original colours and rustic finish and is a perfect back-drop for displaying any range of your products or as a lovely add on to any home decor.

The natural finish highlights the rich details and colouring of the wood.

Since the furniture is hand-crafted, each piece is unique and slightly different. They are also some limitations in supply as the artisans that produce this furniture can only make so many.

Attention to detail that is built to last.
Recycle wood from old fishing boats
Display products are for demonstration purposes only. When you buy, you will only receive furniture.


Garden products

Wholesale Bird & Bee Boxes

These Driftwood Bird, Bee & Insect Boxes will make a great addition to any garden. Handmade using recycled driftwood and albasia wood. These cute houses will bring your customer's gardens to life by welcoming birds and insect.

The presence of birds in the garden allows to controls pests and flower pollution. It helps the environment and reduces stress. Insects will also be useful guests in the garden. They will help your customer's garden bloom and make a perfect gift for gardeners and nature lover's.


Hair Goods

Wholesale Solid Shampoo - Wild Hare

Go Wild for Wild Hare Shampoo & Conditioner - a massive trending product. Don't miss out on this fast selling range!

No plastic packaging, every bar sold saves shampoo bottles.

Aluminium tin for storage & travel.

Because you are buying direct from AW - best wholesale price.

Wild Hare Shampoo bars are vegan friendly, also plastic-free, palm oil free, SLS & SLES Paraben free. You might also like aromatherapy Shea Body Butter, perhaps you can create a nice gift set…

Made in UK - Travel friendly tin 60g - approximately 60 washes each bar.


Handmade Accessories

Wholesale Seagrass Rugs

Seagrass weaves light into everyday life, beautiful and natural; these Seagrass Rugs are hand-woven by small family businesses in Bali.

Each Rug takes up to two days to be completed finished, our artisans take the time to detail. The look of seagrass and other natural fibre rugs is a very trendy and stylish one at the moment.

Ancient Wisdom Wholesale Seagrass Rugs are available in two sizes.

Seagrass rugs will bring an instant comfort and rustic atmosphere to your customers' home, their neutral colours will fit any style.


Holiday Accessories

Cotton Pareo Throw

Indian Handcrafted Cotton Pareo Throw. These natural cotton fibres can absorb water more effectively and are gentle on the skin. With the summer approaching and the chilly evenings, these Pareos will definitely sell.

Ancient Wisdom Pareo is made in a perfect size to wrap around the waist. Each design come wrapped with jute twine and labelled with a tag. They are light weight, fast drying, portable and fashionable. Your customers will love it.



Molten Glass on Wood / Glass & Brass Terrariums

Ancient Wisdom handmade melted glass on Wood are finally here. Probably the biggest thing out of Bali in years, in Holland already a massive trend. Everything house plant related and natural is a major trend, and this beautiful and natural product is right on the button.

Let your customers capture nature under glass and create beautiful mini living art. Designed with glass panels and a sturdy brass frames. Securely individually boxed.

Perfect to house favourite succulents, air plants or even fake plants. The stylish geometric design adds a touch class to any room. All-around terrific terrariums super popular right now.



Gemstones String Bracelets

With a variety of beautiful gemstones and colourful rope strings, this range of bracelets is an amazing seller. There are currently 8 designs so your customers can find the perfect one - although the fashion is to wear two or three.

Each gemstone is complimented with either 925 Silver plate or 18K Golden Plated sliding toggle which allows you to adjust the bracelet for a snug fit.



Gemstone Bath Bombs - 180g

Add some Gemstone magic to your customer’s bathtime with these Diamond-shaped bath bombs. Make bath time that little bit more luxury with Ancient Wisdom Gemstone Bath Bombs. These Bath Bombs contain rich fragrances; the fragrance will stay on the skin for longer.