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Ancient Wisdom is Europe's largest online wholesaler.

Our Mission is to provide the independent gift trader with an ever expanding range of wholesale giftware, bathroom products, incense, aromatherapy and wholesale packaging. Currently we have over 12,000 spread over almost 1,000 web pages all available to order on-line for next day delivery in the UK (well we do our best).


Categories: Candles/Home Fragrance, Fashion accessories, Homeware, Jewellery, Toiletries/aromatherapy


Candles/Home Fragrance

Hop Hare Crystal Magic Flower Candles

Hop Hare Gemstone Flowers Candles are more than just decorative pieces; they are an experience, a journey into a magical world where the mystical and the natural coalesce. Make a statement in your shop selection by presenting these exquisite candles, inviting your customers to embrace the enchantment of Hop Hare.


Fashion accessories

Yoga and Festival Pants

Are you in search of comfy and colourful yoga pants for your store or online shop? We've got a full range of Yoga and Festival Pants for you, all made from 100% cotton. These pants are made in Nepal and are super soft, lightweight, and stylish.

They come in one size that fits everyone, making them a great choice for most customers. Plus, we deliver these yoga and festival pants in a small cotton bag to add a special touch.



Wholesale Himalayan Salt Cooking Plates

These durable salt blocks can withstand high temperatures, making them suitable for grilling, chilling, and serving a diverse range of appetisers, entrees, and desserts.

Cooking on a Himalayan pink salt block allows your food to absorb over 80 minerals present in the salt. These minerals not only contribute to good health but also enhance the complexity of flavours. With the ability to withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees, these salt slabs can delicately sear a variety of delectable dishes. After cooking, the mineral-rich slab gradually cools down to room temperature, perfect for serving chilled delicacies.



Wholesale Real Leaf Jewellery

Amazingly Wholesale Real Leaf Jewellery is made with real leaves, hand selected and harvested especially leaf by leaf. Then using a unique electro-plating method, the leaves are gradually, magically.. turned to metal. As these are real leaves, not one piece is quite the same, so every piece bought is unique to the customer!
A perfect romantic gift for anyone who loves nature. Ideal for any gift shop, but those in rural locations may find more affinity with this delightful natural jewellery range.



Wholesale Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set - Starter Pack

Ancient Wisdom Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set is an amazing gift for home and mind. This set contains 12 essential oils (5ml each) and 2 droppers. Our Essential oil gift set combining a variety of floral, minty, woody, spicy and herbal scents. You can save big by ordering the variations of 12 or 48 sets.