Approaching promotional pads in a very different way

Approaching promotional pads in a very different way has set itself the task of designing a new style of desk note box that's sturdy, good looking, and didn't use any plastic.

It also had to be easy to print in full colour, and to be made in small quantities - so the company it was designed for could make changes easily - for seasonal events, launches, or specific products.

The NoteBox is very easy to use and strong enough to last through many pad replacements. The company has included an outer box, to keep the NoteBox safe in transit. This opens like a flower, for ultimate protection and as an original display tool.

The studio knows how to get the best look for the NoteBox - whether the subject is steel tubes, lifeboats, garden centres or art galleries - and if a minimum of 200 NoteBoxes are ordered, the artwork is free.

The NoteBox is a perfect gift shop item, especially when adapted for stately homes or galleries. Because of the products adaptability, it can be changed and updated at will, to suit a currently promoted exhibition or event. Alternatively, they could sell at retail, featuring any of a dozen designs already in the bag including Shakespeare quotes, flowers, Smarties.

Also great for business giveaways, as there's still need for a handy slip of paper to note down a date or number at your desk - no matter how technologically savvy we have become.

If you are interested in becoming an agent for, or you simply want to talk about this simple and cute product, ring Rob on +44 (0)1844 201 200. Or for prices and further details go to the website


Posted: 2 May 2018

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