St. Eval unveil new Sand Dune Collection

St. Eval unveil new Sand Dune candle Encapsulating the serene beauty of the Cornish coast and countryside, St. Eval are thrilled to announce their new Summer collection, Sand Dune. Nestled on their farm in North Cornwall, St. Eval are unique scent seekers who sustainably craft candles and home fragrances inspired by their close affinity with nature. Proudly B Corp certified, St. Eval incorporate a blend of traditional and contemporary crafting methods to prioritise sustainably and maintain their superior mark of quality.

Sand Dune Collection
Reminiscent of shifting sands under the sun's embrace, St. Eval's Sand Dune collection draws inspiration from the beauty of sand dunes nestled along the coast. Elegantly neutral and lightly dusted with sun-kissed shades of sand grains, each pot is handcrafted with care in a family-run factory in Portugal, adding an extra special personal touch and the distinctive quality of St. Eval.

Enjoy a burn time of up to 32 hours per candle, and let these exquisite creations bring a touch of coastal charm to your home. Embellishing the peaceful allure of coastal paths, untouched coves and tide washed shores, this collection is home to three of St. Eval's most-loved fragrances: Bay & Rosemary, Bergamot & Nettle and Sea Salt. With almost 30 years' experience meticulously crafting candles and home fragrances,

St. Eval's undampened desire to protect, preserve and cultivate its people and the planet remains at the heart of all they do. Treading softly on the earth, St. Eval continue to drive high standards, platform quality and pioneer sustainability without costing the earth. Their unending commitment to supporting charities, prioritising people and uniting communities from Cornwall and beyond continues to shine a light on a brighter, more balanced world.


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