Autumn Fair and Faire partner to simplify buying for retailers

Autumn Fair, the home, gift and fashion event, has announced a partnership with Faire, Europe’s leading wholesale marketplace

Autumn Fair exhibitors As Autumn Fair's online marketplace of choice, Faire will help hundreds of exhibiting brands take orders on its platform from retailers attending the show. This collaboration will bridge online and offline wholesale for the first time in the UK and simplify the buying process for up to 20,000 independent retailers.

Retailers at Autumn Fair will gain access to Faire's extensive global network of brands, helping them to discover unique products, streamline their buying process and benefit from 60-day payment terms available on Faire. Faire will also be offering new retailers a 50 percent discount on their first order to help them easily shop at the show and beyond.

Exhibitors who use Faire will be featured in a new collection on Faire's website, increasing their visibility among Faire's hundreds of thousands of global retailers. A coordinated campaign will take place throughout the summer to show retailers and brands how to leverage this collaboration most effectively. This partnership between the UK's largest wholesale businesses came from a desire from retailers to experience the best of both in-person and online buying.

Trade shows like Autumn Fair offer buyers the joy of discovery; to touch and feel products, get inspired, and network. But in an increasingly digital industry, retailers are also seeking the reach and simplicity that Faire offers - to instantly connect with brands around the world, streamline their logistics, and manage their cash flow in one place.

Katie Holmes from Autumn Fair exhibitor Sting in the Tail highlights the synergy and benefits of the collaboration saying, "So much has changed since Brexit and Covid. After 30 years of exhibiting the need for us to reassess the way we support existing customers and find new ones was urgent. Since joining Faire our existing customers benefit from having an easy way to browse our products, place orders and have extended credit terms, particularly welcome in the current climate. As a business we have found many new customers who have never attended trade shows, had an online presence on a large marketplace and found a way, once again, to export to the EU and beyond. It does allow us to be in control. We accept orders placed on Faire and via our website. We can refuse Fair orders if they clash with existing customers, upload new products quickly and sort into seasonal or special interest collections. "The synergy of exhibiting in person and selling on Faire gives us a presence in both worlds. They are both vital and complementary. This partnership will encourage the online only buyers to attend Autumn Fair and see all our products and encourage small, online, Faire-only suppliers to exhibit. It represents a resetting of the giftware trade marketplace."

Charlotte Broadbent, UK Country Manager from Faire says, "As the largest global online wholesale marketplace, Faire has connected almost 1 million independent retailers with unique products. We are proud to partner with Autumn Fair to demonstrate how the UK's two leading figures in the online and offline worlds can work together for the benefit of the industry. Together, we will help brands increase their sales and streamline their business, while enabling retailers to discover their next bestsellers."

Jackson Szabo, Portfolio Director, Spring & Autumn Fair adds, "This exclusive partnership with Faire allows our exhibitors access to a considerable new audience of retailers and gives independent retailers the opportunity to engage directly with suppliers and explore new products showcased at Autumn Fair on Faire's platform. The partnership will empower independent retailers by offering them a broader range of unique products, fostering networking opportunities, and providing access to valuable resources and insights, ultimately helping them thrive in a competitive market while maintaining their individuality and community presence."

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