Unleash Creativity this Easter with Décopatch

This Easter, Décopatch, is thrilled to introduce a trio of enchanting additions, promising to infuse your festive celebrations with creativity and charm

papier mâché pink bell Crafting enthusiasts can now explore the art of decopatching with an exclusive pack containing 6 Cracked Eggshells, each possessing its own unique charm. For those seeking additional delight, the adorable baby lamb and the charming bell are available for individual purchase. Ideal for concealing treats, these delightful papier mâché shapes will add a touch of magic to your Easter decor.

Lawrence Savage, Marketing Manager at ExaClair, underscores the simplicity and originality of Décopatch, stating, "It's a perfect activity for children and parents, providing an imaginative and enjoyable way for families to spend quality time together."

Decopatching is a delightful and accessible art form suitable for all ages, including little ones. Engage in the creative process, transforming ordinary objects into unique Easter gifts and decorations. With Décopatch® papier mâché shapes and a spectrum of vibrant papers at your disposal, you have the perfect canvas for a fun and imaginative Easter crafting experience. Bring the spirit of the season to life as you infuse your celebrations with the charm and warmth of handmade creations.

For those eager to explore the world of Décopatch and enhance their Easter celebrations, products are exclusively available at www.exaclairlimited.com. For further details, contact the team at 01553 696600 or email sales@exaclair.co.uk

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