New Countdown Characters from Numskull

four characters built with advert box behind Christmas is coming and Numskull can't wait and is already counting the days with brand new 'Countdown Characters®, a pop culture twist on advent calendars. Avoid last minute panics and get ready for the big countdown now!

tails from sonic jumpin in air composition built piece by piece Building Up to Christmas Numskull's 'Countdown Characters® are so much more than an advent calendar and went down a storm last Christmas. They each feature a character from iconic games, movies and TV shows and all you have to do is build it. Presented in a stylish collector's box, you will find drawers that contain 24 smaller boxes to be opened each day. In each box is a piece of a character, clip them all together to build your own figurine which is for life, not just for Christmas!

Official Tails – Sonic the Hedgehog Countdown Character: He might be super-fast, but even Tails can't make Christmas come any quicker, but you can build him in time for Christmas. This striking Tails figurine is standing on the ice alongside Checkpoint.

Official Shrek Countdown Character: Shrek fans, build your very own favourite ogre and keep him on display forever. This figurine shows Shrek alongside Donkey standing by the swamp.

Official Original Stormtrooper Countdown Character: A must for fans! When complete this figurine sees the Original Stormtrooper ready to strike aiming the E-11 Blaster Rifle.

shrek and donkey figure
stormtrooper figure

four build your own characters in front of boxes for advent Back By Popular Demand - If you missed out last year, here's another chance as Numskull is re-releasing these 'Countdown Characters® for 2023:

Official Destiny Gingerbread Ghost Countdown Character: Build your very own Gingerbread Ghost Shell and then proudly display for ever more.

Official Sonic the Hedgehog Countdown Character: A stunning figurine sees Sonic with his snowboard getting ready for some action on the slopes.

Official The Grinch Countdown Character: Even The Grinch can't fail to get into the Christmas spirit.

Official Star Trek USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) Countdown Character: Star Trek fans are going to love building this space icon, an epic tribute to the Star Trek series.

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