Two new offerings from Lesser & Pavey

A new addition to the Lesser & Pavey fragrance range of gold-plated candles and diffusers, Desire, the Madelaine Boutique range from Heart Designs, offers ranges of candles and diffusers with added bling bows and gold bauble balls features on the sticks.

Toppers to seal the fragrance in when not in use, the candles (large size has three wicks) burn wood sage and sea salt, oud and bergamot, and cashmere and silk. The same fragrances are featured in the diffusers coming in three sizes, with set of three 50ml diffusers. Each item is presented in a stylish cylinder packaging.

Papillon Chic an exciting new Lesser & Pavey range of very high quality, attention to detail, magnificent quality crafted young beauties with nature in the form of standout crafted butterflies. Each size is available in three pastel colourways. Each piece comes in quality packaging for excellent presentation and to ensure no damage during transit. The sizes range from 20cm – 32cm. Features are one young lady holding a flower vase and one the showstopper, the extra-large piece featuring at 60cm tall; please note this item is not gift boxed.

country patterned china kitchen range
china range of ladies with butterflies around them and on them
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