New character for popular range of ‘Little Couz-IN’ kits

felt penguin craft kit to make Avenue Mandarine, part of the Exacompta Clairefontaine Group has launched a new character to its popular range of 'Little Couz-IN' kits, with the addition of Noah the Penguin.

Little Couz-IN kits are CE marked and suitable for children of 6 years and over, having been developed to engage youngsters in crafting activities, whilst introducing them to the joys of sewing. The kits act as an easy all-in-one sewing initiation to the craft of haberdashery, with each containing pre-holed felt and fabric pieces, adhesive felt sections, wadding, a plastic needle, 3-4 spools of thread and a set of step-bystep instructions.

This latest set enables the user to create their own cute Noah the Penguin, complete with a striking golden crown and a vivid pair of orange dungarees!

Other characters in the range include Aaron the Dragon, Enzo the Bulldog, Gustave the Panda and Alicia the Unicorn, amongst others. Lawrence Savage, UK Marketing Manager for the Exacompta Clairefontaine group comments on how these creative products offer hours of fun for children: "Crafting activities are well known to help young children develop fine motor skills and improve their concentration in an imaginative and fun way."

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