Kite Packaging launches an expandable m spec mailer

Kite Packaging carpboard sleeves Online UK packaging supplier Kite Packaging has launched an expandable m spec mailer ideal for shipping various small goods. The corrugated mailer can be used as a flat letterboxfriendly envelope or it can be converted into a small parcel box depending on the goods packaged inside.

An adhesive peel-&-seal strip makes for quick, easy and secure seals, while pre-creased grooves allow users to easily pop the envelopes out into a box, improving pick and pack efficiency for greater order fulfilment and cost savings. Manufactured with strong corrugation, these mailers provide crush resistance and compression strength when they come into contact with other boxes or heavy items, ensuring goods are well protected during shipping.

They are ideal for pick and pack operations, distribution and ecommerce, and companies with a large product profile, especially those selling many small items, such as books, electronics, wallets and textiles. M spec mailers are more cost-effective than boxes and are letterbox-friendly, offering savings on postage costs. They require minimal storage and are a great solution for ecommerce businesses with limited storage space. M spec mailers are eco-friendly thanks to being 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

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