New designs from classic canes

folding walking cane with hedgehog print The latest designs from walking stick specialists Classic Canes feature in-house designs printed on adjustable walking sticks and folding canes.

This new collection has been especially designed to suit the requirements of gift shops, garden centres and accessories departments. Very British in flavour, many of the designs feature animals such as hares, hedgehogs and highland cows, birds such as woodpeckers and puffins and even members of the insect world such as dragonflies and bees. These result in very cheerful, upbeat walking sticks that elevate simple mobility aids into fashion accessories. All are easily adjusted in height, making them easy sales as gifts because they can be altered in moments at home to suit the height of the recipient.

Managing director Charlotte Gillan says, "These canes have great charm and personality, which, combined with their practicality, means they appeal to anyone who likes to reflect their sense of style in their choice of accessories. The wide range of colours and motifs means they can be teamed with many different outfits and also make a colourful and appealing retail display."

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