Vivobarefoot joins forces with One Earth on fundraising collaboration

Minimalist footwear company Vivobarefoot and philanthropic organization One Earth launched the Take One Step for One Earth fundraising collaboration. The partnership raised awareness of on-the-ground climate solutions and drove donations to three Indigenous-led projects.

Vivobarefoot shoe with Opens Vivobarefoot unveiled co-branded trainers for adults and kids - the Primus Lite III & Primus Sport (for kids) in One Earth Neo Mint - and encouraged customers to engage with the campaign through social media. Vivobarefoot matched any donations customers made to these projects through thr Vivobarefoot or the One Earth landing page.

"Vivobarefoot's mission is one of restoring our connection to the Earth," said Dulma Clark, head of the Livebarefoot Fund, Vivobarefoot's in-house impact fund that supports programs driving research, innovation and action in regenerative footwear.

"One Earth embodies that spirit and identifies organizations that drive regenerative change."

One Earth is a philanthropic organisation working to accelerate collective action to limit global average temperature rise to 1.5°C. One Earth's Project Marketplace brings together locally run projects from around the world that are working to solve the climate crisis through renewable energy, nature conservation and regenerative agriculture.

Through the Project Marketplace anyone can support on-the-ground climate solution projects.Funds will be donated to three projects chosen through the One Earth Project Marketplace that are providing meaningful solutions to the climate crisis: The Rainbow Fiber Co-operative, an Indigenous lead Navajo- Churro Wool Cooperative that is preserving biodiversity and traditional Navajo methods; the Agroecology Fund and MELCA, which is reviving Indigenous farming practices to support traditional communities in Ethiopia; and Amazon Frontlines and the Ceibo Alliance, who are pioneering a new model of Indigenous-led conservation in the Upper Amazon.

"Many Indigenous communities are on the front line of climate change, protecting the land that we are destroying," said Dulma. "Having lived in harmony with the land for many years they are often best placed to know the best ways to restore it. These projects support meaningful connection between people and the Earth and show us that it's not too late to protect and restore the climate."

"Vivobarefoot is a partner that understands the urgency of listening to Indigenous wisdom and uplifting climate solutions," said Justin Winters, Co-Founder and Executive Director of One Earth. "This collaboration reminds us that making change isn't a fanciful dream. We're pragmatic. Our ground-breaking science shows it's possible to solve the climate crisis with solutions that exist today. It's the people who are the game-changers – not politicians."

Customers were asked to engage in social posts, with donations to organizations increasing based on likes, comments, sharing and tagging @vivobarefoot and @oneearth. Vivobarefoot and One Earth matching donations up to $30k. A series of blog posts introduced each grant recipient and customers can learn more at

"The United Nations recently said that it only takes 10-30% of the population taking action to create meaningful change," said Dulma. "You can be part of that 10-30%, and support regenerative principles to tackle climate change. Everyone can act to protect and restore the Earth."

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