From You To Me celebrates 15 year anniversary

Giftware company From You To Me is celebrating 15 year anniversary.

Products from From You To Me giftware range Founded in 2007, the business has grown from its early beginnings with a range of four journals to an international brand with a current portfolio of over 150 products, many of which can be personalised. All providing emotive gifts for both special occasions as well as just because you care.

A great start in 2008 saw the range of Journals of a Lifetime win both the UK's Gift of the Year award as well as receiving the USA's Best New Product award and this provided the foundation for the company to develop both its range as well as market presence.

The 15 years have seen many challenges, including the world's biggest recession, the cancellation of all flights because of a volcanic ash cloud, snow at many worldwide trade shows preventing anyone from visiting, the retail high street changing beyond recognition, a cancer diagnosis and, of course, the worldwide pandemic.

Founder and head of the business, Neil Coxon, says, "I thought things would get easier as soon as we had set up the basics, but little did I know what would unfold. The ability to move with the times, adapt and lead with new ways of doing things have all been important for us. We sell across many different markets and this really helps when one market is struggling or another is growing really fast."

Creative Director, Helen Stephens, has led the development of the company's wide range of award- winning journals and books. She explains,"We have to keep adapting our designs to meet ever-changing trends and the strong movement towards personalised gifts has led to the development of our own bespoke software to meet the needs of our different customers," says Helen.

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