HOMI Special Edition reports sustainability focus

HOMI Special Edition, the trade fair for furnishings and home accessories for contemporary living, ended on a positive note, hosting 352 brands, 40 percent from 27 different foreign countries.

Attendees at HOMI Edition Alongside the variety of products offered throughout the exhibition, there was an events programme packed with in-depth discussions, workshops and talks focusing on the main themes of interest to the HOMI community, organised in collaboration with institutions and industry experts.

The themes were diverse, ranging from the retail experience to living spaces and trade as well as materials for an all-round reflection on the home experience and new perspectives on stores. Ideas and insights that received excellent feedback, ensuring not only added value for the event but also an excellent opportunity for discussion among visitors and professionals.

In terms of trends for 2022, sharing the spotlight with creativity are craftsmanship, 'Made-in' and colour: from bright, happy tones evocative of summer vibes, to shades inspired by nature, characterised by the chromatic sobriety of the earth.

Noteworthy examples of this are kitchenware collections designed by Raffaello Galiotto for Blimplus, the pastel-coloured cookware by Cookut that combines steel and wood, the desk accessories by Toscana Carte Pregiate and the latest textile and linen products for the home in neutral colours presented by Chez-Moi.Colour and ceramics were another common theme of the exhibition: from reinterpretations by Rebith, to products from the Portuguese artisans of Casafina and the handicrafts by MV% Ceramics Design, to name but a few.

The focus on sustainability is clearer than ever before with intriguing uses of recycled materials and great commitment to solidarity, without losing sight of smart ideas such as AiT Smart Products from a project by Maurizio Orrico.

Ecosistema's products also demonstrate the focus on quality and the use of sustainable materials, from pots and pans in steel alloy that guarantee energy saving to fully biodegradable lamps.

The dutiful awareness of sustainability is exemplified by the first edition of the Ki-Life Sustainable Award 2022. The new prize created and promoted by Kiki Lab, in collaboration with HOMI Fiera Milano, was featured in a large space inside Pavilion 9 reserved for Italian and international companies that have developed products or projects with a view to Sustainable Development, Environmental Respect and Social Responsibility.

Excellent results were achieved "both in terms of the number of applications received and the quality of the projects, largely from Italy but also from other countries including Spain, Germany and Finland," as underlined by Fabrizio Valente, Founder and Manager of Kiki Lab. Valente awarded the winners: Jute&Co in Environment, Elena Scarlata in Local Area, Frolla for Social and Grestel - Costa Nova for all-round Sustainability.

A HOMI Special Edition centred on product customisation and the search for an exclusive, branded project, with spaces that are increasingly fluid and adaptable to demand.Next edition: fieramilano (Rho) from 16 to 19 September 2022.


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