Gift of the Year competition extension until 15th December

The Giftware Association has today announced the extension of its Gift of the Year competition.

Gift of the Year competition logo The awards will be extended for a massive 15 days until the 15th December, so there is plenty of time for companies to enter their products and gifts.

Although the GA does usually extend the competition as it's a busy time of year for entrants approaching the Christmas season, this year has seen other reasons for the extension. The GA has listened to a lot of companies who have been affected by supply chain issues caused by the perfect storm of Brexit and the pandemic and they want to give everyone a chance to enter within enough time, whether companies are waiting on actual products, samples, or photography to enter. This is your chance to get involved.

Sarah Ward CEO of The Giftware Association said, "This has been a very strange year indeed, but we are still not back to normal, so we have to adapt when we can. Last year saw us doing a full digital competition due to various lockdowns and this year has seen supply chain issues affect many of our entrants, so we want to give everyone the best chance they can to get their products in if they have been affected by the delays."

The awards timeline will now follow the below dates:



If you are looking to enter Gift of the Year, register your account at now.

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