Watchfinder & Co removes gender classifications

Luxury watch retailer Watchfinder & Co is said to be the first UK watch seller to remove gender labels from its operations, including its website and all stores.

Watchfinder & Co removes gender classifications The company will instead label the watches as small, medium or large.

The industry-first move has seen the brand launch a campaign with award-winning music artist Tinie Tempah – calling for all jewellery and watches to be made genderless as standard. The brand is urging manufacturers to follow suit and refer to watches by their size alone and ditch the 'redundant, restrictive and outdated' gender model, which labels certain watches as only suitable for those of a particular sex, undermining people's personal tastes and size choices.

The move follows a trend amongst celebrities and consumers alike for subverting stereotypes and wearing watches originally designed for – and marketed solely to – the opposite sex.

Matt Bowling, co-founder of Watchfinder & Co said, "We feel that categorising a watch as either men's or women's is now both redundant, restrictive and outdated. Everyone should be able to choose whatever style they want, without being dictated as to whether it is suitable for their gender or not."By removing the men's and women's categories from our business we are encouraging customers to explore and discover more watches, helping them find the right watch for them. With a large proportion of men's watches getting smaller and women's watches getting bigger, we feel that gender categories are now obsolete."

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