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Tests reveal Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamps are up to 97% effective at reducing airborne coronavirus

Tests reveal Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamps are up to 97% effective at reducing airborne coronavirus: Image 1 Ashleigh & Burwood has reported results of an independent laboratory test, revealing that its Fragrance Lamp technology is effective against reducing both surface and airborne coronavirus.

The tests, conducted by an independent company, showed that using the Fragrance Lamp for 30 minutes reduced the virus on surfaces by up to 60% and airborne virus by a staggering 97%. The results have led the laboratory scientists to conclude that the Catalytic Fragrance Lamps together with Ashleigh & Burwood Lamp Fragrance are an effective way for consumers to further protect themselves within the home.

Knowing already that as well as fragrancing the home, the Lamps cleanse the air of bacteria, mould spores, allergens and odours, it was an obvious decision for Ashleigh & Burwood to invest in further testing to confirm that coronavirus was also destroyed. So earlier this year, as lockdown and social distancing became part of our everyday lives, Ashleigh & Burwood commissioned a specialist accredited microbiological laboratory based in the US to test the Fragrance Lamps' efficacy against coronavirus.

Managing Director Andrew Nettleton says, "We had a firm belief that our Fragrance Lamps could have a positive effect, as we use the same alcohol that is in hand sanitisers to drive our catalytic system, but our expectations were exceeded when we learned of the 97% inactivation of airborne virus. "This is especially good news at this time as, the WHO and media organizations around the globe (as of 8th July) are reporting on the growing evidence that the virus does spread through airborne transmission."

The company believes that the product will have the ability to provide real peace of mind to many even as restrictions are lifted further.

Andrew continues, "This is not only a real comfort to those who are already enjoying the fragrancing effects of the Lamps in their homes, but also to a much wider audience."Ashleigh & Burwood is now working with the consumer press to raise awareness of the products and the laboratory findings. Retailers will be able to utilise this in store and online to promote the benefits to shoppers.

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