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Holly J Crafts creates scrubs for NHS frontline workers

Holly J Crafts creates scrubs for NHS frontline workers: Image 1 Holly J Crafts has announced it is making scrubs for the NHS frontline worker, supplying the local York District Hospital.

Speaking to Gift Focus magazine, Holly said, "It has been a very busy few weeks here at Holly J Crafts. I volunteered to make scrubs for the NHS frontline workers because our NHS staff and key workers are keeping our country going. I really wanted to do something to help and was so pleased that my sewing skills could be used to help. I am currently supplying my local hospital, York District Hospital, with free batches of scrubs sets.
"My parents have been amazing organising getting everything from my work studio to allow me to have a temporary set up at home. They also got all my patterns printed off and bought me hundreds of metres of scrubs fabric to allow me to start making the scrubs quickly. It's really important that I make as many scrub sets as I can.
"The scrubs go to the hospital laundry first and then they can be worn. They are only worn once and then washed again. However, due to the lack of supply the frequent washing has not been possible so our NHS workers risk taking the virus home to their families. I'm doing this free because we have to do what we can during this crisis. Take care and stay safe everyone."

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