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Gift supplier Global Journey increases hand sanitizer stock

Gift supplier Global Journey increases hand sanitizer stock: Image 1 Gift supplier Global Journey has increased its stock of hand sanitizer, offering a retail opportunity for clients.

Launched in January 2019 the Global Journey pocket sized hand sanitisers quickly became a great selling line in the UK. Looking to provide consumers with a 'useful' and 'practical' product small enough to carry in a pocket or handbag, and with a clip for attaching to school bags and belts, the Global Journey hand sanitiser was born. In the lead up to lockdown sales of hand sanitisers quadrupled. Already a great selling product in 2019 this product went from a fun, novelty gift to an 'essential item' and a must have for consumers since the onset of the virus.

Global Journey has now announced that it has product available from this month and enough to cater for the huge demand.

Global Journey Sales Director Ian Samuels says, "Since February and the onset of coronavirus we have been unable to keep up with the demand for our hand sanitisers. Every day on the news leading up to lockdown, there were media reports and features about the importance of using hand sanitisers to kill off any virus, and to ensure any being used contain at least 60% alcohol content. Ours are 62% and are also moisturising and scented.
"Customers were calling us just to let us know that they were selling hundreds of pieces a day, some were selling in excess of 300 hand sanitisers a day. We ended up having to ration stock in March in order to try and supply everyone."Global Journey hand sanitisers are in stock in May and will have more stock arriving June and July to ensure ongoing supplies.