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Healthy Back Bag gives away hundreds of bags to frontline workers across the UK

Healthy Back Bag gives away hundreds of bags to frontline workers across the UK: Image 1 The Healthy Back Bag Company has announced the success of its recent initiative that has seen the company give away hundreds of bags to frontline workers across the UK.

Over the course of the last two weeks, The Healthy Back Bag Company has been asking the general public to nominate their own Frontline Heroes, and the response has been amazing with thousands of nominations pouring in.

Launched in early March, the HBB team discussed how they could support key workers putting themselves at risk every day, and it was decided that they would give away 150 bags to those whose stories moved them the most.

Sadly the movement quickly took on a personal note for the company, as Dan Luxon, HBB head of business development explains, "Not long after we had come up with the idea of a Frontline Heroes campaign my mother-in-law caught the virus. Although physically fit and well, within 4 days she was taken to hospital and sadly died 2 days later.
"The shock to our family was extreme and the circumstances of not being able to visit and family members being isolated was heart wrenching, which made the amazing support and comfort we were shown all the more powerful. The paramedics who came within minutes to her home, the staff at The Royal Free Hospital, those in contact with the family following her death - these people were truly amazing."

The Frontline Heroes nominations have come in from all areas of the country across a huge range of sectors, including NHS staff, pharmacists, delivery drivers, checkout staff, care workers and many others. Frontline Heroes Campaign will continue for the next two weeks and the company will give away 150 HBB Expedition Bags®.

To see stories of the Frontline Heroes visit