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University Games rings in the New Year with a new look!

University Games is kicking off 2020 with fresh new corporate branding that has been rolled out by University Games across the world

University Games rings in the New Year with a new look!: Image 1 The new logo is the final piece in the two-year merger of Paul Lamond Games and University Games UK.

Richard Wells, managing director of University Games UK is looking forward to a busy 2020, "2019 was a transition year for the company, and our new look symbolises the combination of the two game and puzzle businesses. Now fully merged and with a stronger than ever catalogue of products, we are ready to make 2020 our best year ever."

Bob Moog co- founder and President of University Games explained the meaning behind the new company logo: "The new logo symbolises our unique mixing of learning and fun. The red letter 'U' stands for University and takes one back to our beginnings as a learning company in 1985. The 'G' stands for Games which represents the fun that we inject into every product we release. Together the red and the blue UG overlap creating something unique with the colour purple. The merging of learning and fun is where we stand alone in offering our games and puzzles to families around the world. Lots of people talk about branding and logos, but no one takes it as seriously as we do some companies focus on learning, others on fun. We do both!"

The game and puzzle specialists will launch more than 70 new lines in 2020 including some exciting and even magical, new licenses. University Games will proudly introduce games and puzzles based on National Geographic, First 100 Words and the much-loved preschool brand, In the Night Garden.

University Games will present one of its largest marketing campaign in 40 years to relaunch Subbuteo, a classic football game loved by generations of UK families. The campaign will feature an exciting TV commercial that can be seen at Toy Fair. The new commercial will be used across social channels and aired on TV in line with key footballing events and the Christmas build-up in 2020.