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Sourcing platform Supplycompass launches compostable packaging range

Sourcing platform Supplycompass launches compostable packaging range: Image 1 Sourcing platform Supplycompass has launched a compostable packaging range for the fashion industry in a bid to tackle single-use plastic in the supply chain.

Made from a corn-based polymer and said to be as durable as plastic, the packaging is made via the Supplycompass Essentials product builder tool and is designed for the fashion and interiors industries.

Created following industry demand for sustainable options, the range includes eco mailers (postal packaging for ecommerce brands) and polybags (supply chain packaging) that are 100% compostable*, making them a great plastic-free packaging choice. Durable and waterproof, items are kept securely and once used, the bags can be put into a home compost where they will break down in six months.

Flora Davidson, SupplyCompass co-founder, says: "As a business we see millions of single-use polybags being discarded on a regular basis, so we set out to tackle this. Polybags are the plastic bags used in the distribution and delivery end of the supply chain to protect products. They're lightweight, effective and cheap. But, unfortunately, their most common iteration is 100% plastic and difficult to recycle."

The packaging has a shelf life of 12 months, come in various sizes and are customisable. According to the company, "The bags have a minimum order of 3,000 units and a lead time of eight weeks. Samples cost between £55-£100+ depending on the size of the bag, and cane fibre biodegradable stickers can also be ordered."