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man laying on sofa reading a book This issue Gift Focus showcases the latest releases in the literary world, from books for green-fingered gardeners to must-haves for children, and The Queendom Within a guide to help you feel empowered as a woman - there really is something for every one!

book cover of inside of green house

By Deborah Trentham
RRP: £30
Format: Hardback

Discover the lavish beauty and fascinating history of the 40 most important and inspiring botanic gardens from across the globe.
From the Renaissance gardens of Italy to the futuristic botanic gardens of Singapore, this gorgeous book tells the story of these unique institutions. It is a history of science and learning, of politics and national interests, of societal concerns and conservation. But, most of all, it is a compelling exploration of the power and possibility of the natural world, that we are still merely scratching the surface of.
Expert garden historian Deborah Trentham has selected the world's most important gardens and delves deep into their history - sharing stories of exploration, extraordinary plants and the scientific breakthroughs which have shaped these stunning gardens.
Filled with rare and beautiful plants and incredible locations from around the globe - from Norway to Morocco, Kyoto to Kew, Brooklyn to Buenos Aires, and Madrid to Malaysia - this book will transport you to far-flung places and bygone eras, and consider the future of our botanical havens and the natural wonders they protect. Including:
· Orto Botanico di Padova, Padua, Italy (1545)
· Botanisk Have, Copenhagen, Denmark (1600)
· Palmengarten, Franfurt, Germany (1763)
· Missouri Botanical Garden, St Louis, USA (1859)
· Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech, Morocco (1923)

book with mint green and navy blue cover with writing of title on

Author: Heidi Hauer
RRP: £11.45
Format: Hardback

Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a world where all women naturally feel empowered to be who they want to be - where women are free to express themselves and their gifts, and shape the world in a way that is good for all of us?
Heidi Hauer has a dream - the dream for every woman to realise that she has choices in her life and that everything she is seeking is already within her power to fulfil. In her inspirational new book, Heidi shows us how to create the life of our dreams, starting from within - our very personal Queendom. We all have moments in life that feel like a crossroads. You may have that sinking feeling that you're in the wrong life - whether you feel trapped in a bad relationship, friendship or in a dead-end job - and secretly you hope for Mr Right to come along and sort everything out. This book will help you find your way back to your truest self, and it will give you the confidence you need to make your own happiness, whether Mr Right is there or not.
Through a set of 28 exercises, Heidi Hauer will help you build a strong foundation for your Queendom. The stories and activities are designed to help you identify your hopes and dreams, who you are and where you aspire to be. The results you get will depend on how far you allow yourself to go as you work through the exercises, each of which is designed to be completed in one day.
Practical, reassuring and truly inspiring, Heidi's book encourages you to invest your time and energy in yourself. Along the way, your prince may come - or not. But there's a good chance that you'll be able to relax and release your need to control the outcome of your story so your own fairy tale can come true.

cover of teddy on a pile of underwear TEDDY VERSUS THE UNDERWEAR!
By Georgia Edmonds
RRP: £8.99
Format: Paperback

Get ready for another heartwarming and laughter filled adventure as children's author, Georgia Edmonds features Teddy, the lovable family dog, in her second book of the Teddy's Tails series, Teddy Versus the Underwear! This children's picture book is written in rhyme with captivating illustrations by the talented Jake Biggin and is available to buy online now.

Following the success of her first book, Teddy and the Tygers, which was published last year, Georgia Edmonds continues to enchant young readers with Teddy's antics and escapades. The series of children's books explores the relationship between Teddy and his family, while offering valuable life lessons, and allowing children to experience the flow and rhythm of language written in verse.

Teddy Versus the Underwear takes readers on a hilarious journey of intrigue when the family's underwear mysteriously disappears. Everyone in the household is baffled, but little do they know that their beloved Teddy might be behind the missing undergarments. This tale of mischief and problem-solving is perfect for children aged 2 – 6 years old and is written to keep young minds engaged and giggling.

"The children I shared the books with loved the rhythm of the story and enjoyed spotting the rhyming words in each verse, as well as discussing the story plot and escapades of Teddy." Said Emma, Editor at What's Good to Do. "Sharing a book with a child is one of life's simple, comforting, joyous moments for both adult and child."

The first book, Teddy and the Tygers, explored how Teddy adjusted to the arrival of new kittens in the family, showcasing the importance of acceptance and love when welcoming a new family member. Ideal for young children who may be experiencing similar situations, the book has been praised for its gentle and positive approach to change and adaptation. With Teddy Versus the Underwear, Georgia Edmonds continues to create tales that entertain, educate, and spark joy in young readers. Parents and educators have hailed the series for its ability to teach valuable life skills while nurturing a love for books from an early age.

The author Georgia Edmonds along with the real-life Teddy has been visiting schools in London, Australia and the Bahamas to read her two books to the young pupils. These readings have been popular and engaging for the children and have included fun discussions about the rhyming in the books and themes of the books. Georgia always welcomes opportunities to visit schools and is delighted to read her books to a new young audience. "How very wonderful it is to see all the children engaging and enjoying Teddy's Tails" she says.

book cover with a big D on it

Author: Em Lynas
RRP: £12.99
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781839944222

Jam-packed with canine capers, bound into this charming alphabet celebration of everyone's best friend! Whether it's getting marvellously muddy, leaping and lolloping, or hiding under the bed with a stolen slipper, a dog's life is so much FUN. The perfect gift for dog lovers of any age, this bright and cheerful book is ideal for reading aloud or enjoying alone, as dogs of all sorts bark, catch, leap and chew their way from A to Z! With an energetic rhyming text from Em Lynas, this gorgeous gift book features a die-cut cover and joyous illustrations from the brilliant Sara Ogilvie, including gorgeous end papers that identify each dog breed featured – one for every letter of the alphabet.

traditional cover with gold leaf print

Author: Lydia Millen
RRP: £20
Format: Hardback
IBSN: 9781398719415

Inspired by the wisdom of the natural world, Evergreen is the essential guide for anyone who is looking to unearth their inner strength and bring more joy and contentment into their everyday. Season by season, Evergreen offers practical advice and ideas that will inspire you to reconnect with nature, follow what you truly desire deep down and channel your inner strength throughout life's inevitable ebbs and flows. From learning to fall in love with nature to embracing the power of amateur status, rethinking your relationship with comparison to embracing solitude when you need it, Evergreen will take you by the hand and empower you with the tools to pursue your own version of an evergreen life in the days and months ahead. Whether Evergreen finds you at a time of peace and fulfillment or a time of challenge and uncertainty, this is a book that will uplift you with a fresh perspective and be a comfort you can return to at every age and stage of your journey to come.

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