Gifting for men

A recent survey by Perspectus Global highlights how men have evolved in their gifting desires, with many now excited by options traditionally reserved for women

man wearing watch carrying laptop case When it comes to men's accessories, a recent poll (2000 Brits) by Perspectus Global in June 2023 has shown that a third (34 percent) of dads feel regularly upset by their gifts.

The research found as many as one in ten (11 percent) dads feel jealous of the women in their lives when it comes to the gifts they receive, while 80 percent insist women always receive more thoughtful presents.

A quarter (28 percent) would go so far as to describe the gifts they receive as repetitive and uninspiring (24 percent). In fact, one in four (26 percent) say a present has made them feel unloved, while 30 percent feel regularly hard done by.

Overall, 35 percent of guys would like to be wined and dined with a meal for two, while 18 percent would love a voucher for a massage or spa day and 17 percent dream of just being bought some nice face cream. Cooking classes, pedicures and even flowers made the list of top gifts men would love to receive, as did plants and scented candles.

Seven in ten (72 percent) women agree, men are tougher to buy for because they never say what they want (31 percent). The research, commissioned by Not On The High Street, found a third (29 percent) think they get more stereotypical gifts.

A quarter (27 percent) of males don't think it's that hard to buy presents for men, with a further 27 percent believing that men need to be treated to things.

It's no surprise then that 17 percent of men think that people should spend more time thinking about what to buy them. A spokesperson from Not On The High Street commented "Our survey shows as many as eight in ten men feel women get more thoughtful and considered presents than they do. We have therefore created a brand-new gift edit, tailored to personalities and characteristics to support gift-givers with a more considered gift.

"It's time to put gender typical gifts to the side – we've found the perfect items to suit different personalities and not just gender."

One in five (19 percent) agree that men don't need as many things as them, with a further 17 percent admitting that the things the men in their lives like or want are expensive and out of their price range.

A third (33 percent) of the nation admit they always buy gifts based on gender, while four in ten (46 percent) prefer to buy presents based on personality.

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