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Gillian Haplin, founder of Jane Darcy, talks to Gift Focus about family life and her gorgeous home fragrance brand.

Up and Coming: Image 1 Tell us a bit about Jane Darcy and why you started the company.
Jane Darcy is a new and exciting luxury home fragrance brand. At Jane Darcy, we are all about encouraging you to treasure the simple moments in life – the moments that often matter the most. Whether you are a busy parent juggling work and family or simply need a moment for some “me time,” we all need a gentle reminder to be mindful of the moments that matter the most.
As a working mum of two young girls, I was all too aware of the precious moments passing me by and the importance of celebrating the simple moments in life. After speaking to family and friends, I realised they felt the exact same way, so I decided to start Jane Darcy to encourage not just me but also the people around me to treasure the moments that matter the most.

Where did the name come from?
Jane Darcy is named after my two daughters' middle names. My girls are the inspiration behind the whole business, so what better name than that?
You will notice another nod to my girls on all of our packaging. Jane Darcy's signature design is inspired by my girls' second name: Woods. Thus, our design is made up of various elements of the flora and fauna you would find in the woodlands. It's all about the little details! That's what makes Jane Darcy so special.

Tell us a bit about your product offering.
The Jane Darcy range of scented candles is made from 100 per cent natural soy wax and boasts 10 per cent parfum concentration – notably higher than most luxury candles on the market. With a burn time of 45 hours, the candles are free from paraffin, mineral wax and harsh preservatives and come in a range of beautiful fragrances that will infuse rooms and set a tranquil mood within the home. The compelling fragrances include French Lavender & Lovage, Kaffir Lime Basil & Blood Orange, Zesty Lemongrass & Bergamot. Also part of the range are the Jane Darcy Luxury Reed Diffusers of the same fragrance blends, which also contain an impressive 10 per cent parfum and are alcohol-free, meaning the fragrance can be enjoyed for even longer. And all Jane Darcy products are vegan and cruelty-free.

What's your favourite scent from the collection?
Oh, that's a hard one! I have to say this answer often changes. It depends on how I'm feeling or what time of the day it is. In the evening, I just love French Lavender & Lovage. It helps me relax and unwind after a long day at work. A French Lavender & Lovage diffuser is a permanent fixture in my girls' bedrooms. It really helps them sleep! I swear by it! In the daytime, I would go between Kaffir Lime Basil & Blood Orange and Zesty Lemongrass & Bergamot as the citrus notes are uplifting and invigorating. They really lift my mood and get me going!

How important is social media for marketing the business?
Super important! We pride ourselves on our social media engagement. It's so important to go where the people go – and where people are going is social media. Don't get me wrong, it is so important to be able to live in the present and put down the phone every now and again, but we can't ignore social media. It is an integral part of most peoples' days. Social media allows us to connect with our customers in an informal and fun setting. It allows us to interact with our customer base and gain feedback. Feedback allows us to expand and grow and deliver better services and products than ever before.

Do you attend any trade shows? Do you have any planned for the coming months?
We do indeed. We exhibited for the first time at Top Drawer in London in January, and we just finished up at Showcase Ireland in Dublin. We love attending trade shows and meeting all our potential new stockists!

What's your proudest achievement to date?
Well my greatest achievement to date are my two beautiful baby girls. Workwise, my proudest achievement to date is seeing my Jane Darcy products sitting on our gorgeous stockists' shelves or reading all the amazing articles in newspapers and magazines. It may sound like something so insignificant, but for me, it means so much. To work so hard for so long on something and to realise your dream is so special. It's definitely worth celebrating.

What are your hopes for the future?
I hope to grow Jane Darcy and bring Jane Darcy to more new markets over the next couple of years. But most of all, I hope to change peoples' lives. I want to remind the world how important it is to treasure the simple moments in life – the moments that often matter the most.

Find Jane Darcy at janedarcy.ie or contact Gillian at info@janedarcy.ie

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