80 years of Sellotape

Iconic British brand celebrates eight decades of success

Well-loved British brand, Sellotape, is celebrating its 80th birthday with an anniversary campaign 'Let's Stick Together' that will see the launch of an exclusive limited edition product.

From humble beginnings with its inception in Acton Town, West London in 1937, to earning an entry in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1980, Sellotape has ascended into iconic status, selling nine million rolls a year.

With five million rolls anticipated to be sold in the run up to the festive period, Sellotape is now the nation's favourite sticky tape brand, with over tens of thousands stockists in the UK and Ireland.

In light of its birthday and ahead of its busiest time of the year, Sellotape will be launching a limited edition tin. Staying strong to its heritage, the tin is a nod to the first ever design that packaged the famous golden roll that was available to purchase in the '30s.

Featuring the brands iconic logo, which has been turned gold for the commemorative birthday, the collectable tin will contain Sellotape Original Golden and will be available for customers to purchase from all major retailers. Additional celebratory launches from the brand include Sellotape Glitter Tape that will go on sale later this month.

Chao Roberts, Sellotape Brand Manager comments, "Reaching 80 is an achievement for any business and we are immensely proud of where the brand is today".

"We're looking forward to celebrating our history and achieving this milestone over the coming months with our teams, customers and suppliers, who have collaborated with us over the years. We also look to the future, embracing all the developments we can offer to our end-consumers".

Proving indispensable in homes, schools and offices across Britain, to sealing first aid packs in the war and covering windows as protection from shattering glass during the air raids, Sellotape has earned it's status and has become a true household name.

1. Production of Sellotape began in West Acton in 1937
2. Sellotape Original Golden was used to help seal first aid kits during World War II
3. In 1970 Sellotape became a regular on children's TV programme Blue Peter
4. Henkel purchased Sellotape in 2003
5. The brand logo has been changed more than 10 times during the eight decades. The last major brand relaunch in 2009 saw Sellotape's lozenge logo modernised and transformed into a graphical swoosh
6. In 2003 sellotape was the recipient of Superbrands most trustworthy brand award
7. It would take 14,654 rolls of Sellotape Original Golden to get you from one side of the UK to the other
8. The word Sellotape has its own entry in the Oxford English Dictionary
9. The amount of Original Golden rolls sold each year is enough to reach the moon
10. There are 98 variations of Sellotape

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