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Love & Learning with The Rattle Ring

Loved and cherished by babies and parents up and down the country, Nibbling create a must have range of teething accessories – to spread a little more happiness in a rather challenging stage of your child's development. Enjoy some quality time with your little ones, making memories without any tears or tantrums.

Introducing the Rattle Ring, the newest range to Nibbling's exciting product lines. Providing much needed distractions to entertain those teething babies. This flexible yet firm rattle ring is both functional and stylish, made from 100 per cent silicone, it's perfect for the smallest of hands to hold giving parents the opportunity to even wear it on their wrist. It's perfect for on the go when you need to get out the house and those errands need running.

Babies love the Rattle Ring because of its distinct texture, ideal for chewing while the noise from the rattle adds some entertainment for your little ones. Parents will love to see the development of their new born blossom from coordinated eye movement and fine motor skills as they hold and shake the rattle. Exploring different textures with their hands, tongue and mouth. This Rattle Ring is sure to give any new parents a helping hand so whether it's for you or any soon to be parents, look no further then Nibbling's extensive range of teething accessories.

With a number of different colour combinations, the bright and vibrant colours will make the perfect edition to your babies essentials as they light up your babies eyes. Colours include: blue and lime, grey and yellow, mint and white, turquoise and orange. The Teething Rattle Rings are available from Nibbling and cost between £10-£12.

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