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Mummy dream team Jo McAree and Glenda Tarling have teamed up to create personalised print company, Pumpkin & Posey.

Designed and printed by mum-of-two Jo McAree, Pumpkin & Posey's personalised graphic prints allow you to record a baby's name, birth date and weight in a cool minimalistic design available in four different styles and numerous colour choices.

You can even cement your silhouette in a simple paper-cut effect design taken straight from your pregnancy profile with your name and baby's due date. All you need to do is send in a side profile picture and Pumpkin & Posey will do the rest.

After launching Pumpkin & Posey earlier this year, Jo wanted her product range to stand out amongst the crowd on social media sites like Instagram. She realised small kitchen table businesses including her own were being swamped by major companies and lacked their own visual identity thus sparking an idea and experiment.

"These businesses may have fabulous products however the art direction and styling was lacking," said Jo. "Finding an innovative yet authentic way to shoot products was really needed if my business was going to thrive."
So, after meeting on a photo shoot a few years before, Jo called upon the talent of fellow mum, Glenda Tarling (aka GR Tarling Photography) to help her create innovative, conceptual product shots that would give Pumpkin & Posey the impact it needed.

Upon launching the new imagery on Instagram, Jo was inundated with requests for graphic design and branding solutions and noticed a substantial growth in traffic to the website and most importantly, revenue.
"It soon became clear that Glenda should come on board as joint Creative Director to build upon the creative assets that Pumpkin & Posey were offering," Jo explained. "Glenda has an excellent business sense and brings some great ideas to the table for the growth of the company. She has an amazing eye for design and styling; she's a great partner in crime."

Irish born Jo and Glenda make the perfect team, both passionate about their work but also dedicated mums, they're able to work around the demands at home.
"I worked as an art director in advertising for many years, which is extremely stressful and not the easiest of careers to maintain while bringing up small children," said Jo. "Both of Glenda's children are at school and so is my six-year-old son but my daughter, who is 16-months-old, comes to work with me and plays, paints, makes a mess and
has fun.

"We finish work in time for the school run and when the kids are fed, washed and in bed we get back to it. We're both fortunate to have great support from our husbands and family too. It's not easy, but when you love what you do and have fun working together, it's an absolutepleasure."

The working mums work from a studio in Southend, Essex, but are now planning to expand and move to a larger space. Pumpkin & Posey Prices start from £7.50.

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